About Letterbase

Letterbase is a project started by Jordi Enric. In hopes to help newsletter creators find sponsors for their newsletter.


How does Letterbase make money?

It does not. It also does not cost money to run. Letterbase is a static site built with Nuxt and deployed in the Netlify free tier.

Do you have plans to monetize Letterbase?

I have plans to create other newsletter related product that are easier to monetize, and will use the audience Letterbase has to promote them.

Letterbase mission is helping newsletters. I don't want to charge newsletters or take a fee from the sponsors they find through letterbase.

What stack is Letterbase built in?

Frontend: Vue 2, Typescript, Nuxt.

Backend: Nothing yet. Probably Supabase or Firebase.

Deployment: Netlify

Analytics: Plausible.io

I have an idea, feedback or comment about Letterbase, how do I contact you?

Find this information in the contact page